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Behold the Cross - Recording/Mixing/Mastering
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Stars (Cover) - Recording/Mixing/Mastering
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Bill grew up playing piano and alto saxophone.  At the age of 19, while majoring in Aerospace Engineering, he was inspired to start recording in his college dorm. He spent a few years running live sound for his local church, then decided to pursue an audio education at Nashville's premiere recording studio, Blackbird Studios.  Opportunity soon launched a move to Hollywood, California, where he works at EastWest Studios (ranked #8 Top Recording Studio in the world by Billboard) in multiple capacities, including tech specialist and assisting on sessions.

​Bill is a self-taught guitarist, drummer, bassist, and vocalist, is well versed in music theory, and possesses a special proficiency in technical details.  He is experienced in working with large format recording consoles (including Neve, SSL, API, & Trident), analog gear, Logic, Pro Tools, countless plugins, and vintage microphones.  In his spare time, he builds gear for himself and friends.



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